Being the Crocodile

Few things are as beautiful as crocodiles stretched out along a river bank, basking in the sun.

I know there are probably many that don’t agree with me.  But to truly see the beauty of the crocodile, one must take a step back and explore what it truly is.  The crocodile is ancient, perfected centuries prior to our existence.  It embodies time and eternity.

In ancient Egypt, the crocodile was both worshiped and despised, depending on the region.  Sobek, Lord of the Fayum, had a crocodile form and was worshiped as Lord of the Nile and also patron of fisherman in lands where crocodiles were found.  However, He was also reviled as an enemy of the Divine Order and, in the Coffin Texts, Sobek is mentioned as “the Rebel” responsible for the mutilation of Ausir’s body.

There are several myths about crocodiles helping a royal figure (king/prince) by saving his life when his own dogs attacked him.  In return, the royal aids the crocodile against a water demon.  The bodies of mummified crocodiles have been found in temples to Sobek.

I’ve had a reverence for crocodiles since I was a young girl and my father used to tell me stories that involved two Nile crocodiles as the main characters.  I could spend hours at the zoo watching them, mesmerized even as they floated motionless in the water.  When I went swimming, I pretended to be a crocodile and even now can float just under the water with only my head breaking the surface. 

Being the crocodile connects me to the primordial and imbues me with the essence of time and history.  I try to take time to remember this when I am out of the water and incorporate that state of mind into my path.


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