Bongo, bongo, bongo – a Divine ear-worm

The Divine communicates in mysterious ways…

(Okay, that’s an understatement.  Probably the understatement of the century.  Let’s try this again.)

It is clearly the mission of the Divine to drive me crazy until I get up off my ass and actually do something.

(There.  That’s better.)

Since the “Aardvark Incident” was such a success, my brain is now filled with random nonsense songs at the whim of the Divine.  Yes, you’ve read it here folks – I’m apparently Pandora for the netjeru (one in particular, anyway).

The current gem is Civilization.

This phenomenon doesn’t occur all the time; it only happens when there’s something-serious-I need-to-be-doing-and-doing-now-THANK-YOU!  Since I’ve clearly got something I need to be doing it’s been happening for over a month straight.  Every time I try to quiet my mind, in it pops…to remind me I’ve something I need to be doing.

The trouble is, I know I have something I need to be doing, but it’s mystic in nature.  This means I’m running in circles trying to make sense of the flashes of inspiration and sheer overload and running into walls while my own personal soundtrack plays in the background.  Somehow, this is NOT conducive to focus.  Go figure.

Who says the gods don’t have a sense of humor?


2 responses to “Bongo, bongo, bongo – a Divine ear-worm

  1. Whenever Sekhmet is unhappy, I hear a growl. If she is happy, I hear a slight purr. They’re small, indistinct, and could easily be chalked up as my overactive imagination. Of course, the problem then arises when I hear her purring or snarling for no concrete reasons whatsoever: then I have to figure out what I did right/wrong on my own. YAY!

    Oh, boy. The gods’ sense of humor… way too far above MY simple, little head.

  2. Can I tell you that you’re lucky?

    When Set wants me to listen, he turns on an alarm clock in my brain. It’s either that, or this white noise… like listening to high pitched static. At least yours has a beat 😛 And you could dance to it.

    Set likes to drive his followers nuts.

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