Attitude: it’s what’s for dinner

Entering sacred space to commune with the Divine requires a mind-shift, and this shift is unique to every individual.  For some, ritual tools and clothing are essential; for others, little is needed other than a deep breath and a clearing of the mind.  Some work in groups, some in solitude.  Some use words passed down orally, or chants from texts; others say nothing aloud.

For me, the mind-shift is all about attitude.

Attitude is not solely conveyed through speech and thought; it is in one’s stance, the positioning of shoulders, the speed and depth of breathing, the flick of an eyebrow, the raising and lowering of arms.  It can be seen in the straightening of one’s spine, or the bend of a knee.  The ritual of positioning my body to greet my gods,the quieting of my mind, the slowing of my breath, results in ecstasy when ritual is complete.

Attitude is not a construct; it is tangible and palpable, and needed.  For some, that means humility – prostrating oneself before Deity and declaring its might.  For others, it means pride and self-worth – we brag of deeds done and bargains made, of enemies overcome.  For still others, it means embodying the Divine – we declare ourselves gods, our strength and will the strength and will of the Divine itself.

Attitude is what the Divine seeks in us, a declaring of ourselves to be what is needed and wanted.

I approach the shrine with shoulders squared and head held high.   I have not polluted myself. I have not stolen cultivated land.  I have not stopped water.  I have not stolen the bread of the Gods.   I greet, and offer, and pray from a place of strength and my stance reflects this.  I am worthy.


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