Dark Flame Work – the Physical

The physical is, on first glance, the easiest plane on which to focus…but in the long term, I think it can slide out of control just as easily.  To gain ground on the physical one must be able to recognize where one is and be able to improve or maintain, depending.

What health problems do you have?

I have a variety of health problems.  I suffer from clinical depression, have continual sinus and respiratory foo (chronic sinus infections, respiratory infections, seasonal allergies), reproductive issues (hopefully fixed at this time), and some mild GI problems.  I am also, according to the chart at my GP, morbidly obese (200+ lbs at 5’4″).

What dietary, nutritional, or exercise responsibilities do you shirk?

I should pay more attention to what I eat, although I do not to ingest anything containing high-fructose-corn-syrup.  I’m a salt craver, so anything salty and crunchy will be inhaled upon discovery.  I plan to exercise but cannot seem to get a program off the ground.

What part of your body is the weakest? What physical goals do you have?

My lungs are actually my weakest part, which means I need to do exercise that will help build endurance without winding me, at least in the beginning.  I have a goal of building endurance and strength in order to ensure that my vitals (BP, etc.) continue to maintain within the happy middle-of-normal range.


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